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International DesignatorNORAD Catalog NumberNameSource
Launch DateLaunch Site
Decay DateOps Status
Latest Data
1964-070AU 1030COSMOS 50 DEBCIS1964-10-28TYMSC1964-11-13DDEC
1977-081B 10300SL-4 R/BCIS1977-08-27PLMSC1977-09-07DDEC
1977-081C 10301SL-4 DEBCIS1977-08-27PLMSC1977-09-07DDEC
1977-065CY 10302DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR1989-04-16DDEC
1977-065CZ 10303DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR1990-06-15DDEC
1977-065DA 10304DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR1982-11-08DDEC
1977-065DB 10305DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR2023-07-25DDEC *D
1977-065DC 10306DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR -
1977-065DD 10307DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR1981-06-06DDEC
1977-065DE 10308DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR1979-06-16DDEC
1977-065DF 10309DELTA 1 DEBUS1977-07-14AFETR2014-03-30DDEC
1978-088B 11030SL-4 R/BCIS1978-09-19PLMSC1978-09-22DDEC
1990-114C 21030COSMOS 2116 CIS1990-12-22PLMSC ?
1999-025BDY 31030FENGYUN 1C DEBPRC1999-05-10TAISC -
2015-065C 41030ARIANE 5 R/BFR2015-11-10FRGUI -
2022-002AY 51030SICH-2-30 (SICH-2-1) UKR2022-01-13AFETR +
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