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International DesignatorNORAD Catalog NumberNameSource
Launch DateLaunch Site
Decay DateOps Status
Latest Data
1964-070Y 1010COSMOS 50 DEBCIS1964-10-28TYMSC1964-11-13DDEC
1976-063AB 10100COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-10-29DDEC
1976-063AC 10101COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-09-20DDEC
1976-063AD 10102COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-10-25DDEC
1976-063AE 10103COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1978-07-03DDEC
1976-063AF 10104COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1978-06-19DDEC
1976-063AG 10105COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-08-17DDEC
1976-063AH 10106COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1978-04-18DDEC
1976-063AJ 10107COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-09-03DDEC
1976-063AK 10108COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-08-27DDEC
1976-063AL 10109COSMOS 838 DEBCIS1976-07-02TYMSC1977-09-22DDEC
1978-081A 11010SOYUZ 31 CIS1978-08-26TYMSC1978-11-02DDEC
1990-110E 21010SL-12 PLATCIS1990-12-08TYMSC1990-12-09DDEC
1999-025BDC 31010FENGYUN 1C DEBPRC1999-05-10TAISC -
1999-025EXQ 41010FENGYUN 1C DEBPRC1999-05-10TAISC -
2022-002AC 51010FLOCK 4X-15 US2022-01-13AFETR2024-06-19DDEC *D
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